Pawaring dreams across Kenya

Jul 20, 2022

The month of September 2021 would be one to be forever remembered by many Kenyans from all walks of life when a golden opportunity to turn their dreams into reality was presented to them by betPawa.

From sports teams in dire need of kits and equipment to farmers looking to take their businesses to the next level,  car wash operators yearning for finances to purchase the latest equipment of trade to welding operators looking to up their game and take on bigger projects; it was definitely a time for change.

The Dream Maker campaign was launched to collect aspirations from the public and bring them to life. In this iconic campaign, 12 dreamers across Kenya saw their visions realised and livelihoods greatly improved as a result

Their dreams represented the hopes of many Kenyans who were not only looking to better their lives but impact their communities as a whole. The dreamers included:

1.   Coach Obango - Rehabilitation of Kihumbuini stadium in Kangemi.

For Obango, a football coach who has been passionate about grassroots football and inspiring the next generation of Kenyan football talent,  it was a dream come true for him and the over 40 football teams who use Kihumbuini Stadium to see the public field renovated..

The project included grading and levelling of the ground, a chain link installed, the fence reinforced and a new gate built. In addition the betPawa team donated much needed sports equipment to the teams.

Sports has a massive impact on this  community, through exposing the youth to opportunities to grow their talent while also keeping them engaged and away from different vices which would bring them harm.

2.   George a mechanical engineering student - water station

As a Mechanical Engineering student and an entrepreneur in an arid location, George dreamed of operating a water station through which he could earn an income as well as provide clean and affordable water to his customers.

Through drilling a borehole, providing storage tanks and installing a distillation machine,, the betPawa team ensured that George’s life as well as that of his community was improved with  access to clean and affordable.

3.   Anderson - Coach at Mombasa’s Miritini Youth FC

As the team manager for Miritini Youth FC, Anderson and the footbal club had faced a lack of playing kits, equipment and resources to facilitate their participation in the league.

betPawa provided them with playing kits, training equipment and Ksh 100,000 ($710) to facilitate the team honour fixtures by catering for the transport, food and registration.

4.   Francis - Coach at Nakuru’s Makadara FC

Coach Francis of  Nakuru’s Makadara FC has a reason to look forward to their next season as they were sponsored with football Kits, resources and Ksh 100,000 ($710) to handle their logistics in the season.

Through realising the coach’s and team's dream as they prepare for the season, The betPawa team ensured that Madaraka FC could  focus on performing well in the league as a heavy financial burden was lifted off their shoulders.

5.   David - coach at Bomas of Kenya FC

Another crucial sponsorship in the Dream Maker campaign saw Bomas of Kenya FC receive  football kits, equipment and Kshs100,000 ($710) assistance to fund the team’s logistics. 

For coach David and the entire team, this was a good  start to the season as they were motivated to perform to the best of their abilities.

6.   Valentine - welding workshop

As a skilled welder, Valentine shared his dream of growing his business.  This would involve acquiring the necessary welding machinery and equipment and also rent for his premises.

This vision was brought to life by purchasing the required welding machinery and equipment. betPawa team went a step further to pay three months rent to get him started on the business.

7.   Eric - bicycle repair shop

Most, if not all casual workers dream of getting a stable source of income and Eric was no different. Eric’s dream of owning and operating a bicycle repair shop became a reality as betPawa gave him  equipment to start the business.

In addition Eric is now able to provide services for the community since the area has a lot of cyclists and he also employs other youth.

8.   Jooi - therapist consultation business

A consultation business was the ultimate dream  for Jooi, a licensed and experienced therapist.

To help Jooi realise her lifelong ambition of the consultancy business, the betPawa team bought her office furniture, a laptop and designed her office for the consultation practice. betPawa topped this up by paying her office rent for three months to get the consultancy off the ground.

Jooi’s business has a far-reaching impact especially with the renewed emphasis on the mental well-being of the members of the society.

9.   Gibson - carwash business

For Gibson, a casual worker with a dream of getting into the car wash business it was a case of perfect timing.  betPawa assisted him to acquire  tools and machinery needed for the carwash.

In addition to the equipment, our team leased a piece of land for the business for the first two months before he could do it on his own..

Through this business, Gibson will be able to sustain his family and provide employment opportunities for the youth.

10.   George - hand flat knitting business

Driven by  his love for knitting, George wanted to mechanise his business in order to grow it.  

betPawa bought him a brand new knitting machine and some yarn . George is now his own boss and employs his fellow youth.

11.  Elizabeth - poultry business

Elizabeth’s poultry farm was in dire need of essential inputs without which the business would collapse. As a single mother of four, she wanted to turn around her poultry business and steer towards success.

Our team stepped in just in time, boosting the poultry business through buying feeders , chicks, food, gas cylinders and vaccines.

In addition, Elizableth has been able to create jobs and raise her family without the previous financial struggles.

12.  Jentrix - food takeaway business

Jentrix used to earn a living through selling ‘smokie’ and ‘mayai boilo’, a famous street snack across Kenya. We were able to get her a good space,  a fryer machine, kitchen utensils, and bags of potatoes for the winner. She is now able to take care of her family and also create jobs in her community.

13.  Ephraim - team captain in Athletico FC

Through teaming up with Kangemi’s Athletico FC and their captain Ephraim, betPawa ensured that they started their 2021 season with new football Kits, sports equipment and Ksh. 50,000 ($355) to take care of logistical expenses.

With the many challenges faced by businesses, sports teams and individuals as they tried to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Dream Maker Campaign offered timely support. Throughout the campaign the Kenyan Youth were inspired to embrace hard work and pursue excellence in their different occupations because despite everything, their dreams remain valid. The betPawa team only stepped in to amplify their efforts which were already in motion.