Mchezo-sponsored athlete Michelle Tau, qualifies for Paris 2024 Olympics

Feb 10, 2024

Kigali, Rwanda, February 10, 2024. We are thrilled to announce that Lesotho's taekwondo star Michelle Tau, sponsored by Mchezo, has successfully qualified for the prestigious Paris 2024 Olympics. This achievement marks a significant milestone in Michelle's journey, and Mchezo is proud to have played a part in supporting her dream.

Michelle Tau ranked as the number one senior female taekwondo athlete in Africa and fifth globally, caught the attention of Mchezo due to her proven dedication and commitment to excellence. The sponsorship allowed Michelle to train at Spain's renowned Combat Sports Academy, a facility known for producing elite taekwondo athletes, and provided Michelle with the necessary resources and support, ensuring she would be in peak form for the 2024 Olympics qualifiers and beyond.

As part of the sponsorship, Mchezo has not only covered Michelle's training expenses at the Combat Sports Academy but also provided her with top-notch training gear and equipment. The company is determined to connect Michelle with the best trainers and facilities, allowing her to focus solely on her preparation for the Olympics.

After her Olympics 2024 qualification, she is currently in intensive training to prepare for the games in July. Mchezo is dedicated to providing all possible support to ensure that Michelle is fully equipped and ready for the Games.